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All the fans of Rio movie want to know if is goning to be a Rio 2 movie? The answer is YES we will have a Rio2 movie and there are rumors that release date will be set to March 29, 2014! But let's be more explicit and let's see more details and news down here.

rio 2 Why they should make a Rio 2 movie? Let's start with business: the first movie was started with a budget of $90M (estimated) and just on opening weekend he get 39.2M (only in USA) and overall he grossed $486M (Worldwide). That look very profitabe and we must remember that DVD sales was awesome. If you don't know Anne Hathaway is nominated to Teen Choice Award Choice Animated Movie: Voice, the movie having a great user ratings 7.1/10.

The movie maybe has so much popularity because he comes from Blue Sky Studios the company that make Ice Age and its sequels. Director for this sequel could be Carlos Saldanha (kown for Ice Age, Robots, Ice Age: The Meltdown and Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs) the same who write the story (along with Earl Richey Jones and Todd Jones) for the first movie.

If you don't know who is Blu (this mean that you don't see the first movie) you must know that Blu (Tyler Blu Gunderson) is a domesticated macaw (spikki) who meets Jewel the bird of his dreams. But Blu have a really big problem he can't fly. That's really funny a bird who can't fly and who is afraid to fly, but he can log on to a computer, resolve physics equations and even shred on a skateboard.

At this time there are many rumors about Rio 2 movie and it seems at this time that that movie will happen(even the is no imdb page now), what is not sure is the release date set as we know on March 2014. Cast could look very similar to the first movie: Jesse Eisenberg as Blu, Anne Hathaway as Jewel, Jamie Foxx as Nico, Tracy Morgan as Luiz and Leslie Mann as Linda.

The title for Rio2 may not look exactly like this but Blu and Jewel must be there. At the end we present two trailers for the first movie (UK trailer and first 2 minutes from the movie) and we make you a promise that Rio 2 trailer will be here as soon as possible. That's all for now and let's hope that we will see good news soon.

Rio - First 2 Minutes

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